For you culinary lovers who like to eat with a large portion, All You Can Eat restaurant is very suitable for you. You only need to pay once and then be able to enjoy all the dishes served by the Japanese restaurant. In Jakarta there are not only traffic jams but restaurants with delicious food menus that make you full. All You Can Eat Restaurant like this is also very suitable to be used as a family gathering place while enjoying various types of food available.

Here is a list of the best All You Can Eat restaurants in West Jakarta that you must visit.


  1. Gyu – Kaku Japanese BBQ

As the name suggests, this restaurant that has a Japanese barbeque menu is one of the favorite All You Can Eat restaurants in West Jakarta. Apart from being comfortable, many people say that this restaurant has thick meat and tastes great. Coupled with a very diverse side dish, making visitors confused to choose. Although the place is very comfortable, this restaurant is not too big, and the lighting is rather dim. The waiter was very friendly. Based on the review, the recommended dessert here is silky pudding and vanilla ice cream. You can find this restaurant at Lippo Mall Puri and Neo Soho Mall, West Jakarta. The price you spend to eat here is around IDR 200,000 per person.


  1. Shaburi by Shabu shabu

One of the advantages of this place is that if you bring parents over the age of 60, they will get a discount, and the disadvantage is that if the meat you eat is not finished, you will be fined per gram, be careful, guys, take enough. This is a Japanese restaurant that has very tasty meat and seafood. Here there are 4 levels of meat choices from standard to premium meat, while the sauce has 5 types, namely, Original Koribu Soup, Hot Miso Soup, Chicken Collagen Paitan, Sukiyaki, and Soy Milk Soup. For the side dish, you can choose a variety of menus such as vegetables, surimi, fish, mushrooms, chicken karaage, and ice cream as dessert. You can find the All You Can Eat restaurant at Puri Indah Mall and Neo Soho Mall, West Jakarta. For a price of more than IDR 200,000 per person.


  1. Kintan Buffet

The place is quite large and comfortable, with plenty of seating area. The service of the waiter is very nice and friendly. At Kintan Buffet, the specialist is Japanese BBQ, you just have to choose All You Can Eat package that suits you. If in terms of taste and quality, Kintan Buffet has been very consistent to this day. Prices for weekdays and weekends are also different in some branches. A very complete buffet selection is fresh salad, mushroom and corn butter, dory fish, prawn, squid. There are vegetable chi Jimi, jyako fried rice, curry chicken, Japchae and udon carbonara. Highly recommended for a large number of places to eat with family or friends. You can find this restaurant at Taman Anggrek Mall and Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta. For the price here it’s the same as most All You Can Eat, around more than IDR 200,000 per person.


  1. Hanamasa

Hanamasa serves the main menu of yakiniku (grilled food) and Shabu-shabu (boiled food) with a wide choice of foods ranging from beef and chicken, seafood, and fresh vegetables that are hygienically processed. Variants of meat and vegetables are quite a lot, besides the choice of salads and dessert is also more. There is chocolate banana cheese, while the salad choices here are mushrooms, potatoes and beef. The waiter is pretty much here and friendly, and their work is also fast. Hanamasa is a pioneer of the famous All You Can Eat restaurant compared to its other competitors. Therefore, the quality of food here is very guaranteed. You can find this restaurant in Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta. The price is around IDR 100,000 – 200,000 per person.


  1. Shabu Jin

This All You Can Eat Japan restaurant is very special, because it is native to Osaka Japan and there are also side dish menus such as Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Yaki Udon, and Ikayaki. Like other Japanese restaurants, here is yakiniku and shabu-shabu. The place is very comfortable and quite spacious. Here there are three buffet choices, regular, premium, and Wagyu. Although the original recipe is from Osaka Japan, but all the food here is guaranteed halal. After finishing eating, there is also a dessert waiting for you, namely ice cream with chocolate and vanilla flavor. You can visit Lippo Mall Puri in West Jakarta to eat at Shabu Jin. The price is around 200,000 more per person.


Those are some of the All You Can Eat restaurants that you must try in West Jakarta. Amid your busy activities, there is nothing wrong if you set aside money occasionally to eat good food and lots of it as a gift for yourself. It is also possible to spend your weekend together with family and friends to All You Can Eat restaurant to eat a lot together. Happy culinary!