The coffee shop is one of the most popular places for young people to hang out with their closest people, not only because of the comfortable place, but the delicious taste of coffee. Even today Coffee shop is not just a place to hang out, but can be a wider function for the society such as meeting places with clients, enjoying me time, and also as a place to do tasks or work. A very unique and minimalist decoration is the most popular spot for many young people to take pictures in a coffee shop. There are already so many coffee shops that are present around West Jakarta, but, there are seven coffee shops that have a comfortable place and also a delicious taste. Here’s the list!



Koultoura is one of the coffee shop and eatery that you must visit around West Jakarta, Koultoura has been present since 2013 with a modern industrial style. As mentioned earlier, this place not only provides coffee but many varieties of cakes as desert, main course menus and also dishes. The place is very comfortable to work on tasks and to hang out with friends because of its spacious place. The service and the waiter were very friendly. If you feel confused about what you want to order, you can ask directly with the waiter what menu is recommended here. The price is pretty good for all segments.


Seulawah Coffee

The very best seller in this coffee shop is a menu of roasted coffee, which is coffee in one glass consists of 4 layers, the bottom is coffee, the second layer is milk, the third layer is foam milk, and the last one is brown sugar has become caramel because of the roasting process. This coffee shop also provides other foods such as various rice, toast, baked bananas and French fries. The coffee shop concept is similar to a traditional coffee house, the place and atmosphere are quite comfortable. Here, every Thursday and Friday there is “kupi kocok” or shake coffee, which is coffee using eggs that are beaten in one glass. You must visit the coffee shop around this western Jakarta.


Crematology Coffee Roasters

Coffee shop that has the best atmosphere around West Jakarta and you must visit. Crematology Coffee shop consists of two floors, the first floor is a lot of large, bright and luminous windows, suitable for those who want to take pictures. Then, the second floor is more for those who want a meeting or doing assignments, because the atmosphere is more calm. Surely, here the place is very comfortable, nice to hang out, work, relax, or have an event with family. Not only the comfortable place, but the taste of coffee and food here is also very tasty, and worth the price. The service is also very good. Many say that this coffee shop is very “Instagram-able” because there are many interesting spots for taking photos.


Say Something Coffee

This place is so comfortable here, because of the distance between the table and the others. The mixture between gray and wood made the atmosphere so comfortable to work, or even relax. Here, I get everything, coffee and the best place. The second floor is the most favorite place for people to take pictures here, because it has wide windows with trees as a view. Unlike other coffee shops, Say Something only provides one or two pieces of cake as your coffee snack, and does not sell food or other convenient lunches, because this is a special coffee shop.


Coteca (Coffee. Tea. Cocoa)

Coteca means Coffee, Tea and Cocoa. The atmosphere is sweet and comfortable with a combination of ethnic and minimalist ornaments, the decoration is also good. Located close to the famous campus, Bina Nusatara University, even walking is very close. The coffee taste is delicious and the atmosphere is not noisy, comfortable, homey, and music that makes you difficult to move from this place. The room is divided into two, namely smoking room and not smoking room. What is recommended from Coteca is its Cote-cube menu, which is freeze boxed coffee which is included in a clear glass, another glass of warm white milk, how to drink it pour warm milk into a glass of coffee cube then the coffee will melt and be ready to drink, very unique and interesting.


Common Grounds Coffee Roasters

Common Grounds bring popular coffee and brunch to the environment. Known as a place to enjoy good coffee and healthy lunch. With a branch in West Jakarta, this coffee shop wants to attract students and families who live nearby. The original Regulars to Ground-walks Common Grounds will see many differences in appearance in this particular branch, where it is spacious, airy, and accented with potted plants. Even so, the quality of coffee and food remains consistent. The place is nice and not boring, the ambience is also good and there is a smoking area outside. You must visit this Coffee shop around Taman Anggrek Residence, because the location is very close.


Contain Coffee

The place is Instagenic and very comfortable, the interior is minimalist and dominant in white so it looks clean and tidy. Besides coffee, Contain Coffee Shop also provides tea, so, for those of you who don’t really like coffee can also pay a visit here and enjoy the feel of this coffee shop. The price is affordable, fast Wi-Fi connection is suitable for those who want a meeting or work on a task. This coffee shop does not provide heavy food, but there are only cute salty and sweet cakes. This place is highly recommended for those of you who live around Taman Anggrek Residence or West Jakarta.