Swimming Pool

Taman Anggrek Residence provide an olympic size swimming pool with beautiful views of trees and a comfortable seating.

Picnic Lawn

For those of you who are tired of tasks or jobs, it’s time to refresh yourself by having a picnic in a comfortable environment!

Tennis Court

Hobby of playing tennis? You must try playing tennis here with a wide and complete field.

Reflexology Path

Want to be healthy all day long? Try using this health facility which is only available in Taman Anggrek Residence apartments.

Fitness Center

To keep you in shape and your stamina up, you will have the opportunity to exercise using advanced fitness equipment. Take advantage of daily fitness classes from our certified professional fitness instructors available for personal instruction.

Children Playground

Your child safety is the biggest concern. In Taman Anggrek Residence, you can find a kid’s playground near the swimming pool. In this area, your children can play safely and interact with other kids.


Only Taman Anggrek Residence which has this facility, a skybridge made specifically for access to the luxurious Mall around the apartment namely Central Park Mall and Taman Anggrek Mall. This access will make it easy for you shopping lovers to go to the mall, even just by walking.

Tree House

The tree house reflects the environment because of the warmth of the wood and surrounded by trees, when you walk into the tree house you get the lovely woody smell. This latest facility is only owned by Taman Anggrek Residences apartments.

Grand Fountain

The fountain is very beautiful to seen, moreover this beautiful grand fountain can be seen from your dwelling that can make a good mood.

Aqua Gym

Are you a gym routine? And also like to swim? What if both are made into one sport? If you agree, you can do it right now because there is an Aqua Gym facility in the Taman Anggrek Residence apartment.
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