West Jakarta is a part of DKI Jakarta (Special Capital District of Jakarta) located next to Central Jakarta. The city was inhabited by over 2 million people and it is now designed to become the next business district, after South Jakarta. No wonder you can find many expats living in West Jakarta for work or other reasons. For an incoming expats, living in West Jakarta can be quite troublesome. Here is a complete guide for those who were recently moved here.

The Weather

The weather and air condition in West Jakarta actually has no significant different compared to other four administrative cities. It has a very humid and hot with long rainy seasons. Indonesia itself only has two seasons, wet and dry, dividing into two years. Dry seasons typically starts from March to September and wet seasons occurs after the dry seasons, September to March.

living in west Jakarta

Jakarta has many rivers which flow all over region, West Jakarta is no exception. As a result, when wet seasons comes, the area along the river basins are more likely to suffer from floods. The weak infrastructure and deforestation increased the possibility as well. 

If you have plan on living in West Jakarta, be prepared for the hot temperature. Here the average temperature can reach up to 30°C year-round. 

Traffic and Public Transportation

Jakarta is notoriously known as one of the worst traffic in the world according to cbsnews. A mass of cars and motorcycles often add to the morning rush hour gridlock in Jakarta. Drivers spend 63 hours in Jakarta’s peak traffic. This maybe due to the ongoing MRT development, insufficient road length, overpopulation of vehicle and so on. 

If you drive a car to your office in West Jakarta, these frequently jammed roads should be avoided.

  • Cengkareng Region: Pasar Sentra, TI Cengkareng, Dobrak Victoria, Exit Tol Rawa Buaya, Kolong Ring Road TSI, Jl. Daan Mogot Sumur Bor, Pintu Air, Simpang Traffic Light Kolong Pesing, Flyover Daan Mogot.
  • Grogol Petamburan Region: Tanjung Duren Raya Latumenten, Jl. Tubagus Angke, Jl. Daan Mogot, S. Parman. 
  • Tambora Region: Pasar Mitra, Kalijodo, Jembatan Dua, Jl. Kunir, BNI Beos, Jl. Batu, Kolong Glodok, Jalan Pos Pengumben, Jalan Perjuangan.
  • Kebon Jeruk Region: Jalan Panjang, Jalan Pos Pengumben, Jalan Arjuna Selatan, Jl. Arjuna Utara
  • Palmerah Region: BINUS, Jl. Fanta, Jl. S. Parman, Jl. Fanta
  • Kembangan Region: Jl. Pesanggrahan, Pos Pol Meruya, Simpang Makro Meruya Hilir.
  • Kalideres Region: Jl. Kalideres Permai, Jl. Raya Daan Mogot, Simpang Traffic Light Daan Mogot Light. 

However, in order to avoid those gridlocked spots, many West Jakartans use public transportation as an alternative. These public transportation below are the best way to avoid Jakarta’s gridlocked. Many expats also find it interesting, because they can see Jakarta’s urban scenery while riding transportation. 

Train Station

For West Jakartans, riding a train can give a huge help. Moreover, if you are commuting during rush hour. Riding a train can save a lot of time and energy. There are many train stations in West Jakarta. Some of them might be located close to your office. Here are the list of West Jakarta Train Station:

  • Angke Station: This station is located on Jalan Stasiun Angke, Jembatan Lima, Tambora, Jakarta Barat. From here you can get to Kampung Bandan, Duri and Ancol station.
  • Duri Station: This station is located on Jl. Duri Utara, Tambora, Jakarta Barat. From here, you can get to Tanah Abang and Tanggerang station
  • Grogol Station: This station is located on Jl. Latumenten, Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat. From here you can get to Duri station and Tanggerang station.
  • Kali Deres Station: Located on Jl. Semanan Raya, Kali Deres, from this station, you can get to Rawa Buaya station, Duri station,  Poris station and Tanggerang station
  • Taman Kota Station: This station is located on Jl. Daan Mogot km 10, Kembangan Utara. The location is pretty close to Bojong Inda and Pesing station. You can also get to Tanggerang and Duri station from here.
  • Kota Station: Located on Jl. Stasiun Kota No. 1, Pinangsia, Taman Sari, Kota station is very close to many Jakarta’s landmark, such as Kota Tua and Bank Indonesia Museum. From here, you can get to other grand station for instance Manggarai station, Kampung Bandan station, Jatinegara station, Depok station and Bogor station. 

Transjakarta Bus

Transjakarta is a bus rapid (BRT) system in Jakarta and it was the first BRT system in Asia. This transportation mode connects almost all region in Jakarta, from Central Business District to people settlement. 

No need to worry, wherever you live, there always been Transjakarta bus halt nearby. You can ride it just for Rp 3.000 (0,21 $) and you just pay the fare once wherever your destination is. Although Transjakarta gives a lot of convenience to passengers, gridlockes are still slightly occurred. The bus, nevertheless have their own track, other vehicles may break through and infiltrate the track. As a result, gridlocked are inevitable.

Finding a Place to Live In West Jakarta

Expat can choose to live whether in a private house or high-rise apartment. Living in a private house might be a good choice for those who want a private life, away from Jakarta’s traffic nuisance. However, in West Jakarta, living in a private house is considered less convenient compared to live in a high-rise apartments, because a new private house often located away from many offices and shopping center. 

Some high-rise apartments may offer the same ambiance as living in a private house and they are located in a strategic location as well. One of apartment worth living in West Jakarta is Taman Anggrek Residence.  

Taman Anggrek Residence

living in west Jakarta

Taman Anggrek Residence is an upscale residential complex of 6 towers (Azalea, Beech, Calypso, Daffodil, Espiritu and Fragrant) of 39-42 floors. There are over 3.800 units in total, ranging from studios (26 sqm) to 3BR (135 sqm). Established for middle-high residents, this apartment was developed by Agung Sedayu Group, one of the well-known developer in Indonesia.

General Information

  1. Location: Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat
  2. Unit Type: 2+1 Bedrooms The Condominium, 3+1 Bedrooms The Condominium, Studio The Suite, 1 Bedroom The Suite, 2 Bedroom The Suite, 3 Bedroom The Suite.
  3. Rental Charge Price Range: Rp 3.780.000 ($ 265) per month to Rp 16.700.000 ($ 1.174) per month.
  4. Facilities: Swimming pool, Picnic Lawn, Tennis Court, Reflexology Path, Fitness Center, Children Playground, Sky Bridge, Tree House, Grand Fountain and Aqua Gym, Boxing Room, Piano Room, Library, Karaoke, Mini-theatre, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Futsal, Spa, Sauna, Gym, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, BBQ, etc. 
  5. Unit Facilities (Full-Furnished): Bathroom, Bedroom, AC, Hot water tap, dining set, TV, access card, kitchen, refrigerator.     

Apartment and Its Surrounding

The most important consideration before picking up the right apartment in West Jakarta is to know their exact location. Is it sit on a strategic location? Where are the public transportation nearby? Is it convenient to travel to other places from here? What about offices around here? And so on. 

Taman Anggrek Residence is located in Grogol, Taman Anggrek, Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta. From Jakarta International Airport Soekarno-Hatta (CGK), it only takes 40 minutes driving to get to this place. Taman Anggrek Residence also close to Taman Anggrek/Podomoro City bus halt (1.3 km away). The nearest station here is Grogol station (2.5 km). If you prefer driving a car, there is a Jakarta-Tanggerang Toll Road and Jakarta Inner Ring Road (400 meters away) nearby. 

There are some famous landmarks nearby, such as:

  • Taman Anggrek Mall: A middle-high class mall, with ice-skating rink on its last floor. This mall also has a cinema and a gym. 
  • Central Park  Mall: Popular with young people, this mall has a large number of affordable fashion shops such as Sogo, Mango, Guess, Marks and Spencer, H&M, etc. 
  • Neo Soho: Because this is the newest mall in the city, Neo Soho is not too crowded. You can always find dozens of restaurants inside here. 

Another landmark which can be useful for residents to visit are:

  • Universities with most Indonesian-Chinese students which can be reach within less than 2 km, such as Universitas Podomoro, Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana (UKRIDA), Universitas Trisakti and Universitas Tarumanegara.
  • Hospitals and clinics with some specialization, for instance Dharmais Hospital (Cancer), Harapan Kita (Heart Disease), Grogol Hospital (Mental Illness). 
  • Offices near to Taman Anggrek Residence is APL tower, which can be reach within 14 minutes. 

Working In West Jakarta

Based on working in Jakarta expat report, the main industries in Jakarta are Oil, Gas, Mining, IT and Natural Resources. Even though Indonesia has a very rich resource, it was managed poorly. So, many expats come here to take their chances. 

Most expats come here either because they were transferred by their companies or because they came here under contract. There are two types of expat workers here, the one who hates the place and cannot wait to leave and the one who falls in love with the place and the people and stay for extended periods. 

Many expats (especially recent graduates) start their career as an English teacher in West Jakarta. Since there are many international school nearby, the demand of native English teacher is also increasing. 

For those who have more skills and experiences, working in Central Business District would always be preferred. West Jakarta’s CBD, such as Taman Anggrek and Puri Indah, host a number of tall skyscrapers which all carry the names of high-end Indonesian company. 

living in West Jakarta

APL tower in Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, is one of the examples. For Taman Anggrek Residents, it should be no problem to get here, because of the close distance. Many companies from local and global were occupied this tower. Mostly from IT company, such as PT. Metrodata Electronics, PT. Mineski Infinity Indonesia, PT. Code Development, PT. Itech Global Solutions, PT. Mobile Sarana Sentosa (Mobilecom), D-Link International Pte Ltd and so on. 

Another opportunity for expats to work in West Jakarta is in restaurant chains field. In recent years, Jakarta has seen an increase of franchises, particularly restaurant chains, across the city.       

Protecting Your Health In West Jakarta

The World Health Organization had advised anyone who already got a plan to stay over a prolonged period of time to get booster shots for standard immunizations. Although Jakarta is considered malaria-free, the disease is still common in other parts of Indonesia. So, it is important to protect yourself from insect bites, when you are in Indonesia. 

Another things expat should consider after moving to Indonesia is the disease  caused by tropical climate. Remember that Indonesia has tropical climate with two seasons, dry and wet. For those who are not getting used to it, mild illness like dizzy and fatigue can get them easily. 

In West Jakarta, there are many drug store (Apotek) that are provide medicine to treat mild illness. However, when the illness are getting worse, you may want to go to hospital. Hospitals in West Jakarta have a very good standard, nevertheless, they are in high demand and thus often overcrowded. 

However, if you demand a high quality service in healthcare, you could visit these hospitals in West Jakarta.

1. Dharmais Hospital

Dharmais Hospital is a national cancer center hospital which is located on Jl. Letjen. S. Parman, close to Taman Anggrek Residence. This hospital was established in 1988 by Indonesian cancer experts. Dharmais Hospital serves their patient with PRO CARE CS spirit. PRO stands for professional, always do their job until everything is done thoroughly. CARE means communicate with patient and other party politely. C stands for continuous improvement and S stands for synergy.  

Healthcare treatment given by Dharmais Hospital includes everything related to cancer issue, such as pre cancer clinic and genetic cancer clinic, integrated pathology molecular, stem cell transplantation, minimal invasive surgery, microsurgery, supermicrosurgery lymphatic venous surgery, ultra radical surgery, cancer wound care, cancer immunotherapy, palliative, cancer pain management and complementary therapy. 

Further information:

  • Adress: Jl. Letjen Jend. S. Parman No. 84-86, West Jakarta
  • Contact: (021) 5681570
  • Email Adress: dharmais@dharmais.co.id

2. Rumah Sakit Jiwa Dr. Soeharto Heerdjan Jakarta (Jakarta’s Psychiatric Hospital of Dr. Soeharto Heerdjan)

This is one of the oldest psychiatric hospital in Jakarta. It was first established during the colonial era in 1867. Located close to Taman Anggrek Residence (3,1 km away), RSJHJ provides services to treat mental issues, such as child and adolescent mental health care, medical check up, psychosocial rehabilitation, etc.  

Further information:

  • Adress: Jl. Prof. Dr. Latumenten No. 1, RT.1/RW.4, Jelembar, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta 
  • Contact: (021) 5682841
  • Email Adress: rsjsh.jkt@rsjsh.co.id

3. Harapan Kita Hospital

Harapan Kita hospital is a national center for heart disease located on Jl. Letjen. S. Parman, West Jakarta. You can get there from Taman Anggrek Resience by driving for 15 minutes. Although focusing on heart disease, this hospital also has other medical treatment, like pediatric, surgery, eyes health, acupuncture and so on. 

Further information:

  • Adress: Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav. 87, Slipi
  • Contact: (021) 5668284
  • Email Adress: info@rsabhk.co.id


Because of its high population density combined with modest infrastructure facilities, Jakarta can be a stressful place to live in. Fortunately, West Jakartans always find their way to enjoy themselves. Living in West Jakarta can be less boring.

Night Club

Jakarta is a city that never sleep! You can find many nightclubs that fit your needs here. Some are huge, dark temples dedicated to bass, while others are more intimate that bring people together. You can find some of them in West Jakarta, such as:

1. Colosseum Club

Living in West Jakarta

The club name suits the massive venue well. It has 1.000 sqm with 16m-high ceilings and can accomodate more than 2.000 clubbers in a single party. This is a club for the fans of bass heavy house and EDM in Jakarta. 

  • Location: Jalan Raya Kunir No. 7, Pinangsia, West Jakarta
  • Open Hours: 21:30 – 05:00
  • Contact: (021) 690 999 9

2. Nebula

Nebula Club is located on the 8th level of West Jakarta’s Blitzmegaplex. This club can attract Jakarta’s young urban and expats with its futuristic theme. There is a signature drink provided here called, Nebula Martini, a clever take on a traditional dessert drink, added with vodka, baileys and coconut milk. The show regularly feature resident DJ mash-ups and Nebula’s sexy glam dancers. 

  • Location: Central Park Mall Level 8 – P13, Podomoro City, Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Blitzmegaplex No. 3-3A, West Jakarta. 
  • Opening Hours: 22:00 – 04:00
  • Contact: 0813 228 908 90

3. Club 36

Often referred as Bangkok Nightlife in Jakarta, Club 36 occupied the ground level of the Jayakarta hotel. Sexy dancers and local dancers take turns performing in this club. There is also an all-female drumming team who know how to keep the mood high with their fast-beasts. 

  • Location: Jayakarta Hotel, Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 126, West Jakarta 
  • Opening Hours: 14:00 – 04:00
  • Contact: 021 626 966 6


Occupied by the Dutch for almost 3,5 century, many old heritages stemming to Dutch culture can easily be found in West Jakarta. Most of them become a tourist attraction that often crowded with local visitors and expats. 

West Jakarta was also dominated by Chinese-Indonesian citizen. So, many festival related to Chinese culture often held here. 

1. Jakarta History Museum

Jakarta History Museum is one of famous historical landmark in West Jakarta. This museum is located in the Old Town Hall of Batavia (Built in 1627). The museum displays a multitude of items rooting from the Dutch period such as furniture, maps, paintings and ceramics. It also exhibits collections that derived from prehistoric and precolonial era (Hinduism and Buddhism era). Locals often called this museum as Fatahillah Museum. From Jakarta Kota station, you can get here by walking for 3 minutes. 

  • Location: Jl. Taman Fatahillah No. 1, West Jakarta
  • Operation Hours: Tuesday – Friday (08:00 – 16:00), Saturday – Sunday (08:00 – 17:00)
  • Entrance Ticket: Rp 5.000 ($ 0.35) for adult and Rp 2.000 ($ 0.14) for kids

2. Lunar New Year Festival

In the weeks before and immediately after Lunar New Year, shopping center, particularly in West Jakarta will hold various events, such as lion dances (barongsai). The fifteen days after Lunar New Year, the Cap Go Meh celebrations mark the end of the New Year festivities. Cap Go Meh comes from Hokkien dialect means “fifteenth day of the first month”. Many events are held in various places including in front of Taman Fatahillah Museum. 

3. Malls

living in West Jakarta

Most malls in Jakarta are a part of a large real estate projects. The newest mall usually aim for the upper-middle class and elite segment of Jakarta society. These malls contain all the luxury and more. For the middle to upper class of Indonesian, these malls are places to hang out, relax and eat because the environment is enjoyable, pleasant temperature with no pollution. 

Malls in Jakarta also common places to have business meeting (usually in a coffee shop). Some of malls in Jakarta have their own live music, occasionally held on Friday or Saturday Evening. 

Most of elite mall in West Jakarta are located close to Taman Anggrek Residence. Here are the example of the elite mall:

  • Central Park (3,6 km away from Taman Anggrek Residence)
  • Neo Soho (3,3 km away from Taman Anggrek Residence)
  • Taman Anggrek Mall (500 meters away from Taman Anggrek Residence)

If you are Sushi cuisine enthusiast, visiting those three malls are right decision, since there are many Japanese Sushi Restaurant available there.

Living in West Jakarta might be hard at the beginning, but then it becomes easier as you already know this place and the opportunity they provide. Having West Jakartans comrade will help you a lot to survive in West Jakarta.