At present, many property developers are building apartments. Especially, in big cities that is crowded with people or who have strategic locations, for example, close to offices or shopping centers such as Taman Anggrek Residence. The reason is probably because currently the land to build landed houses is very limited, and also because land prices are increasing. Whereas apartments built vertically require less land so the price is more affordable.

Because the usually strategic apartment location is what makes people interested, it is closer to the office or business center, so it can reduce congestion that can create fatigue and stress on the road. You can also arrive at your residence faster so you have more rest time.

Next we summarize some of the benefits that you will get if you choose to stay in the Taman Anggrek Residence apartment.

1. Complete Facilities

Apartments are categorized as belonging to an exclusive apartment in Jakarta, do not be surprised if you have very complete and adequate facilities, not only complete but all the facilities are very luxurious. Some of the facilities in this apartment are BBQ Area, Cafe, Club House, Park, Running Track, Lounge, Health Center, Water Garden, Swimming Pool, Broadband Internet, Children’s Park, Drug Store, Gym, Library, Restaurant, Field Tennis and many other facilities are provided by this residence orchid apartment which will make the residents feel comfortable. The security system here is guaranteed because there are security officers on guard for 24 hours, and there are also surveillance cameras that monitor the movements around the apartment for 24 hours.

2. Close to Shopping Center

Another advantage that will get another is that this apartment has direct access in the form of a sky bridge to the Taman Anggrek mall and Central Park. This is the first apartment with sky bridge facilities in Jakarta, this apartment looks very exclusive. Besides that, there are still more malls that are close to Taman Anggrek Residence, namely Neo Soho Mall, the distance is not far away even you can walk to reach it. It is suitable for those of you who often shop at the mall, also for those of you who are looking for something and must go to the mall. So, you don’t need to get stuck to go shopping.

3. Strategic Location

The location of this apartment is in the heart of Jakarta, West Jakarta, where there are many high-rise buildings and business centers there. No wonder if mentioning this is very strategically located. In addition, this apartment is also very close to several well-known universities in Jakarta such as Trisakti and Tarumanagara. Health facilities are also very easy to reach because there is a Harapan Kita hospital and Dharmais hospital near Taman Anggrek Residence.

4. Various Types of Apartment

In this apartment you can choose units that suit your needs, and can also be adjusted to your budget, because the units here are very diverse ranging from those who live alone to those who are busy with your family. We have a 26 square meter studio type, 1 BR with an area of 38 square meters, 2 BR with an area of 50 square meters, 3 BR with 65 square meters, Type The Condominium with 2 + 1 bedroom with 99 square meters, and the last is a 3 + 1 BR type The Condominium with an area of 135 square meters.

5. Experienced Developer

One of the advantages of Taman Anggrek Residence apartments that is the most highlighted by people is because this apartment was founded by a very good and very experienced developer, Agung Sedayu Group. This developer has been established since 1970 and has a good history. in addition, if an apartment is established by an experienced developer, the occupancy will increase in value in the eyes of the community because a good developer will guarantee prospective residents and provide guaranteed facilities.


The apartment is an alternative choice for Indonesian people to be used as a place to live. Apartments can also be used as a solution for those who have a limited budget but still want to stay in a place that has many facilities and is located close to the office or campus. Having an apartment close to a campus or office is indeed a plus, such as Taman Anggrek Residence apartment in West Jakarta. It is suitable for those of you who have a lot of activities and want to stay in luxury residences with a strategic location. Hopefully the information provided above can help you.