For people who often travel or work out of town, they may often think about how to rent an apartment that is safe and practical, especially nowadays, we must be very careful in doing things because many cases of fraud occur.

If you are a worker or doing business out of town, you definitely want to live in a comfortable apartment like home. It is necessary so that you do not feel tired, and have a good night’s sleep. You also need an apartment that is strategically located in the middle of the city, such as Taman Anggrek Residence apartment especially if you are in West Jakarta area. Apart from it is in strategic location, this apartment also has very complete facilities like a 5-star hotel but with more affordable price. Everywhere is easy because it is close to the inner city toll gate, and, if you want to go anywhere and do anything, you will arrive on time and avoid congestion.

No need to worry about renting an apartment is difficult, you just need to do a few ways below about how to rent an apartment in Taman Anggrek Residence with practical and certainly very safe.


1. Contact the Owner

Taman Anggrek Residence

If you choose an individual unit, it is safer if you contact the owner who rents the apartment. For example, you can contact the contact below:

WhatsApp 0821-1488-8360, or Email to

Maybe you are looking at one of the apartment rental websites and are interested in one of the Taman Anggrek Residence apartment units, you can contact the contact available on the website.


2. Adjust Budget

Taman Anggrek Residence

Next, all you have to do is choose a unit that suits your needs. For example, if you live alone choose a unit that is not too broad and the price is in accordance with the budget you have. Ask the apartment owner what the price of each unit is, after knowing you can choose which one is right for your needs.

Next we provide a list of rental prices for Taman Anggrek Residence apartment units in a year, starting from:

  • Studio RP 800.000.000
  • 1 Bedroom RP
  • 2 Bedroom RP 1.550.000.000
  • 3 Bedroom RP
  • The Condo 1 BR RP 1.700.000.000
  • The Condo 2 BR RP 3.400.000.000
  • The Condo 3 BR RP 4.300.000.000

And, here is other information that you have to know:

  • Maintenance fees are free until the end of 2018
  • The cost of transferring rights and taxes has borne by the owner
  • All of the facilities in here are free to use


3. Ask for Availability of the Unit

Taman Anggrek Residence

Ask the rental owner or agent whether the apartment unit you want is still available for the date you want. This is very important, because there are still many who forget to ask about the availability of units to be leased. If the unit you want is full, maybe you can find a solution for another unit with someone who rents out an apartment.


4. Payment

Taman Anggrek Residence

After the unit you want is available, immediately provide down payment to avoid the unit on someone else’s rent and to give the mark as agreed. Usually the down payment provided is 50% of the rental price, however, before giving down payment, make sure again that the apartment fits your needs and suits you. If it is appropriate, then the payment of fees is usually carried out at the time of handover of the key. Sometimes, you also have to pay extra ordinary deposit money as a guarantee if someday you will damage objects in the apartment unit. Deposit money will be returned to you, if it is proven that there are no damaged items


5. Prepare an Identity Document

Taman Anggrek Residence

The apartment owner will definitely ask for your identity card. This is done to prevent the occurrence of crimes or things that are not wanted that can be done by the tenants. So, make sure you have and carry your identity card or make a copy of it.


So, there are several ways to rent an apartment in Taman Anggrek Residence in a practical and effective manner. In order not to experience loss or disappointment, you should ask the procedure again if you want to rent an apartment to make it clearer. Hopefully this information can help you. Good luck!