In addition to choosing an apartment with a strategic location, choosing an apartment unit position is also very important before you buy or rent an apartment for your daily life. The position of the floor is most suitable for viewing the scenery, and the entry and exit of sunlight for your apartment room is also a very important factor. Before you choose to stay on the top, middle or bottom floor it all depends on your choice and your needs. Here are tips on choosing the position of the apartment unit that is suitable for you.


  1. Apartment Floor

Generally, apartments offer views of the city with beautiful blue skies. The higher the floor of the apartment, the more expensive it is in certain apartments. The average person chooses the 8th floor and above to get a beautiful view, and also avoid vehicle noise and traffic on the streets. Higher floors are also relatively safer than the lower floors, but this is not guaranteed. Even though the upper floors also have some disadvantages, such as having difficulty carrying furniture, the difficulty comes down if you experience a disaster. Below the 8th floor also has a fairly high value, because you can see the view of the pool or garden. You are also easier to save yourself from an emergency because it is close to the ground floor or the exit.


  1. View

If you want to get a beautiful view of your apartment unit, you have to spend more money, because the apartment with a beautiful view has a higher price than an apartment with a standard view. There are those who put more expensive prices on the middle floor, however, some apartments choose to place high prices on the top floor. If the landscape factor is very important in your opinion, then you have to prepare a more budget for this, maybe you can choose the unit on the top floor to get the maximum beautiful view.


  1. Direction of The Sun

Not every time you have to always use air conditioning to make your apartment room cool. You can use sunlight or natural light from the sun to make your room warmer and healthier, you can open the window in the morning, if it feels too stinging or glare you can give it a thin, white curtain. We recommend that you do not choose an apartment that faces west or east directly, because the sun will direct you.


  1. Safety

The ground floor of the apartment is indeed closer to anywhere, easy to carry furniture, and can reach public facilities and get out of the apartment closer. However, your apartment unit can be vulnerable to theft, because your apartment is closer to people on the ground floor and easily visible. If you choose an apartment that is on the ground floor, make sure the security in your chosen apartment is very secure and very good to avoid unintended events.


  1. Accessibility

Apartments offer a variety of public facilities that can be used by apartment residents, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball courts and much more. Usually the facility is on the ground floor, therefore, residents who have apartment units on the ground floor are very easy to access the facilities provided by the apartment. this is certainly very beneficial for those who live on the ground floor, especially if they have children, they are easier to play without having to go up or down stairs too high. For those who prefer the upper floors, don’t worry, some apartments have swimming pool facilities or restaurants on the top floor or rooftop, maybe it’s the right choice for you.


Those are some tips that can be taken into consideration to choose the position of your apartment unit. Whatever is your choice, rent or buy an apartment in Jakarta that was established by an experienced developer so as not to harm you. Determine what suits you, and congratulations on choosing!